Everybody encounters the same problem sooner or later: a growing list of logins and passwords for an even faster growing list of web sites, services, computers or any any account. Not all but some of those informations are very sensitive data. These won’t be kept save by a default password many users tend to use for almost all of their accounts.

I got rid of my standard password many years ago but after a while it even becomes hard to find new ones I could remember. Especially on those rarely used accounts where I stop by every couple of months or so the ‘retrieve password’ button was more often used than the regular logon button.

After having tried many different techniques and technologies or tools to manage secure passwords my quest finally came to an end. 1Password from Agile Web Solutions is the solution I’ve always been looking for.

  • integrates perfectly into my browsers
  • easy to use
  • generates passwords
  • stores passwords and many other sensible informations
  • syncs with mobile companion over the air

These are the main features I really appreciate about this great software bundle.

How many times have I entered a wrong login or password and stored these erroneous credentials because I had no chance to verify them before saving? 1Password prompts and lets you store the information you just entered on a website after having logged in successfully.

Its mobile sidekick 1Password touch is the best companion for me on the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G. With the mobile version I’ve got access to all my passwords anywhere anytime and it beautifully synchronizes both ways between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. Thanks to Apple’s Bonjour and WLAN I don’t even have to bother with cables or configuration.

After all that praise to 1Password some may ask why I say that it’s for free. Simple answer: I got my installation of 1Password for free at MacHeist 2 last year. I tried the software and was about to buy it but unfortunately MacHeist leapfrogged me and gave me  a free copy.

Download the free trial and grab 1Password iPhone/iPod touch edition from the App Store, too. No browser’s password saving feature comes near this unbeatable duo.


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