Coin Dozer is a highly addictive little game. It’s the iOS version of an old slot machine some may know from times BI (before internet). The game is pretty straightforward: there’s only a small tapable area at the top, tap and a coin drops down. That’s pretty much it.

There is a variety of seasonal versions (Cookie Dozer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Asian New Year), all available as free (ad supported) or paid Pro version. I’ll stick to Coin Dozer – it has the shortest name and it’s free.

To avoid the ads which have slight negative impact on performance you can turn Airplane Mode on or just deactivate Wifi and Cellular Data if you don’t want to miss a call.

Eventually you’ll run out of coins and get tempted to buy some extra coins through the In-App purchase. If you don’t want to spend real money for volatile virtual coins then try the following.

Steps for free coins

  1. Start Coin Dozer
  2. Drop 2 coins at once on each side (left + right)
  3. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times
  4. Hit home button to exit the Coin Dozer
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

How it works

You may consider this as cheating because it exploits a flaw in the app. When you enter the game all regular (yellow/golden) coins are reset to the initial full table layout. Then all prizes and special coins are dropped onto the table at their last position.

If you place 1 coin on each side the whole stack evenly moves forward. The first round will pack the stack. The next rounds will push up to 4 or 5 coins at once into your bucket. Overall you’ll spend 6-10 coins for 4-10 regular coins.

At first glance this doesn’t sound like a winning deal but by doing this you’ll get tons of coin attacks, bonus coins, special coins, all sorts of prizes and move up levels really fast. Each level upgrade will give you even more bonus coins. By resetting the table you also keep precious special coins from into the pit.

This procedure takes effect for the first couple of rounds only. Then some gaps will come up and the whole matrix falls apart. At this point subsequent coins will cause more coins to fall into the pit instead of your bucket.

On a iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 the home button you only sends the game into sleep and it restarts almost instantly. So the table reset doesn’t really impact gameplay.

Coin Dozer is a bit too demanding for iPhone 3G and as it doesn’t support multi-tasking it’ll close the game for real. Then a fresh start of the game takes several seconds and the whole reset procedure isn’t much fun but it works.

With this little trick I got over 200 additional coins while watching Jay Leno. Now I’ve got +1100 coins and each session I play it gets more. Also works on Coin Dozer Asian New Year.

For Coin Dozer Christmas, Halloween, and Cookie Dozer just sending to background won’t do the trick. You actually have to close these apps and restart them.

No need to buy extra coins. :-P



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8 Responses to Get 1000 free coins for Coin Dozer Free

  1. S.Oliver says:

    Thanks!!! Your articel was a Great hint for a funny exzellent little game. Keep on your good work btw.

  2. Jeffrey Boone says:

    cheating like a shit!

  3. marla says:

    on the top of the game screen where it says how many coins you have, then there is a gold star to the right with a number in it, what is this nyumber for?
    I tried tapping on it but nothing. I don’t understand why it keeps adding up but you can’t do anything with it.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I’m using an android phone (Galaxy S4). When I exit the game and come back, everything is still in the same place and nothing has been reset. Am I doing something wrong? Or have they updated the app since you post?

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